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Words are part of our stock and trade here at Mindsight. How do we get the "idea" across to the public in the most accurate way possible? What word conveys exactly what we're trying to tell those who read our signs? Those types of questions make us consider our words very carefully.

Because we spend so much time thinking about words, we've decided to share some with the community. So on Nov. 20th 2008 we ran our first Word of the Day panel. The idea was to present a bunch of different words for the public to think about. Maybe people care to find the definition out, maybe not. Maybe they remember hearing it before, maybe not. We wanted a mix of words. Some interesting, some rare, some odd, some common. Some mean just what you think they mean. Some actually mean the opposite. And there are others that we had never heard of until we stumbled across them and decided to share them with you.

You can see the "Word of the Day" on the calendar below with each word listed on the day that it ran (starting with Nov. 20th, 2008). If you click on the word you'll get a brief definition of the word (most of the definitions are from TheFreeDictionary.com). Below the calendar you'll find a search bar that allows you to find more info about any of our words and an awful lot more.

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